There's only 1 way to LEGALLY operate a cannabis business in California!

  • Honestly, I thought I knew about the cannabis industry before watching these courses, but after taking the course I found out that I knew nothing. The Online Cannabis University courses teach you exactly what you need to do. None this “donations” bull…You wanna know how to legally start up and operate? Contact the Online Cannabis University
    Marc James, Sacramento, Ca
  • We bought the course, then we decided to visit California to see how things are for ourselves. We met with Sam in San Jose and he walked us through the whole thing step-by-step. We were secure this was the right move. 100% facts, absolutely NO BS!
    Bryan George, San Francisco, Ca
  • We just moved to San Diego and didn’t know where to start, Cannabis University does the right kind of cannabis business training. I suggest this course to everyone who is trying to get in the industry.
    Kent Collins, San Diego, Ca
  • Absolutely one of the best online cannabis courses I’ve taken. Online Cannabis University, cannabis training course takes you step by step. Their is so much to contradicting information online by these so called “experts”, a person doesn’t know who to trust. But the Online Cannabis University’s online course on starting a cannabis business gives you the direct answers.
    Lisa Borges, Stockton, Ca
  • Moving from Florida to California is not an easy thing. But we were facing some serious charges if we got busted out there. After watching the online course, I felt a little at ease knowing the Online Cannabis University is a place where we can learn all that there is to know about entering this industry.
    Michael Hyde, (formerly from): Pensacola, Florida, cultivation manager

Cannabis Business Seminars
California marijuana business seminar

Want to start a marijuana business? Check Out Our Seminars:

  • Learn how to start & operate a compliant marijuana business;
  • Seminars with attorneys, accountants, insurance agents and others;
  • Banking Solutions & much more.
  • Start Networking with Others;
  • Position yourself for the recreational marijuana market;
accounting for marijuana dispensary
Cannabis Business Licensing
Marijuana Business Management:
  • Turnkey business management
  • Employee staffing & training
  • Accounting & bookkeeping services
  • Security & Traceability
  • Complete store build-out & management
how to start a marijuana business
Cannabis Business Consultations

$300 MMj Delivery Service Start-up Consultation:

  • Private 1-on-1 Consultation;
  • Get all your questions answered by experts;
  • Going over all aspects of compliance;
  • We'll go over proper formation & operation;
  • Plus lifetime free support;
  • From the comfort of your home via Skype;
marijuana business consultation